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Welcome to Molajaya Samudera Crew Management

PT Molajaya Samudera Crew Management is a recruitment and placement company located in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

We have been doing recruitment and placement of highly qualified and experienced Indonesian crew, fishing crew & seafood processor for working on fishing vessel and seafood processing plant in Asia, Australia and Europe for more than 26 years.

We are committed to meet our Principal’s expectation by continuously improve our Quality Management System in order to guarantee the quality and language skill of the crew, fishing crew & seafood processor that we supplied.

Metro Trading USA LLC

We have a mixed load of whole round Atka mackerel and whole round flatfish available for immediate shipment to Asia-Packed on board

1)Mixed whole round by-catch produced from the 2012 Bering Sea Pollock B season (June – current, 2012).
Block frozen / ocean run size and grade.

Atka Mackerel   28,800 lbs – $2635/mt
Flathead Sole 400-600gm      $2084/mt
Rex Sole  400-600gm            $2084/mt
Rex Sole  600gm-UP             $2084/mt
This container is currently sitting in Dutch Harbor and we can ship as soon as we have confirmation. 

2) one load of catfish by-products ready to ship .
Pricing is below:

DOUBLE FINS: 265 ctns 2.45/kg 
STOMACHS: 263 ctns 2.55/kg
SWIM BLADDERS: 171 ctns 2.55/kg CFR Asia main port
Produced in USA
3)Pacific cod heads, cleaned, IQF 1/44lb master case(big head)USA Production
Head only (w/ cheek, tongue, head meat) – no collar / no gills
2L (3-5lb each) – ~27,082lbs
3L (5lb/up) - ~25,168lbs
Each container holds 910 cases / 40,040lbs net weight
Price:  USD 1300/mt CFR Asia main port

Metro Trading USA LLC

226 Rout 17 North
Hasbrouck Hits NJ.07604 USA
Fhone: 1 2019424457 EXT 111
Fax:1 2014088942

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