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Twenty-one frozen fish brands reproved due to improper weight

Frozen tilapia. (Photo: Stock File)
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Friday, April 04, 2014, 23:30 (GMT + 9)

The State Agency for Metrology (AEM- MS) reproved 21 brands selling frozen fish in Mato Grosso do Sul due to the fact they were marketing products having a lower weight than that stated.
During the 'Frozen Fish Special Operation' 1,788 samples of 95 types of frozen fish, from 33 different brands, were taken in the municipalities of Três Lagoas, Aparecida do Taboado, Paranaíba, Cassilândia, Chapadão do Sul, Mundo Novo, Naviraí, Dourados and Campo Grande.
Several brands received full approval from the federal agency: Copacol, Argenpesca, Linares Pescados, Eat Fish, Pescados Bom Peixe, Bacalanor Pescados, Buona Pesca, Zippy Alimentos, Barramar and Iglu.
While the brands that had been reproved were: News Fish, Costeira, Leardini, Costa Sul, Vitalmar, Mar & Terra, Brasil Sul, Nativ, Penha Pescados, Fish Mares, Pescados Arapongas, Peixe Vivo, Mardomar, Brazilian Fish, Frigosur, Pescados São Miguel, Rio Preto, Tiápia Brazilian, Rio Marc, Luzitania and Marpex, reported the AEM- MS.
The state agency revealed the products from the reproved brands weighed between 4 per cent and 46 per cent less than the weight indicated on the packaging.
Sérgio Maia Miranda, AEM- MS director peesident, explained that "special operations are aimed to quantitatively monitor the pre-measured products that are most widely consumed at this time of year."
"Frozen fish had a lot of reproved products and will be cautiously treated with infringement judicial decrees and manufacturers have already been notified for them to regularize their products," the official added.

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