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PT Molajaya Samudera Crew Management is a recruitment and placement company located in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

We have been doing recruitment and placement of highly qualified and experienced Indonesian crew, fishing crew & seafood processor for working on fishing vessel and seafood processing plant in Asia, Australia and Europe for more than 26 years.

We are committed to meet our Principal’s expectation by continuously improve our Quality Management System in order to guarantee the quality and language skill of the crew, fishing crew & seafood processor that we supplied.

рыболовное судно экипаж агентство


The shipowner shall notify the Agency FOURTEEN days before the crew go on board the ship "and to make the agency to carry out the preparation of departure of the crew, vessel and mind needed on the ship-employment through possible before departure INDONESIA crew.

The Agency will recruit and provide the crew who genuinely quality and qualification for employment THE shipowner. AGENCY perform all procedures and preparation so that the crew is healthy and has the qualification that the crew as and regulation of Indonesia may be waived at the time and place designated by the owner ship without any problem and must submit the OWNERS of the crew list, passport number, book number of marine and relevant document VISA.
AGENCY will be sure to educate the crew on the work and send it to book THE SHIP OWNER of business education before the start of the crew, and to comply with local regulations and law (Local place in Spain) and the country with the ship enters) and each settlement requested by the owner of the ship. AGENCY immediately invalidate the owner of the crew personnel change.

PERIOD OF USE The period of employment of the crew will generally EIGHTEEN months. he can not return during navigation of the ship and its fishing operation, and must work to the vessel until the vessel puts into port. When he asks to transfer to another vessel in the direction of the owner during the period of employment, it must be accepted. The shipowner notify the Agency of it at the same time that the crew was transferred to another vessel. The period of employment of the crew will be in effect from the start of the crew of Indonesia and date of arrival of Indonesia, and in relation to the entry and exit procedures, y including the passport, visa, crew entry permit. The Agency will manage the procedures in Indonesia and those in the loading and unloading area will be conducted by the shipowner.

 Employment Expenses (FISHERMEN travel costs)
"THE AGENCY" must be covered travel expenses of the air ticket. In the case of returned crews caused by have not yet completed their contract by teams possess, the agency would have the move. In the case of returned due crews they had completed their contract within a period of 18 months, the vessel owner would pay the travel costs to them. Among land the environment, the cost of returning the crew that the injury sustained while on duty will be fully paid by "shipowner" and the crew that returns by his own choice all by the "Agency" and this amount will be deducted preferentially on return of wages.

(HOWEVER, IF IN MIDDLE landed crew, the shipowner must have its own statement of the crew, expenses relating affidavit and the activity report of the captain / fishing master to the Agency.)

Working hours BOAT The parties should understand that the working hours of SPAIN crew, who are on SHIP and works, is not legally determined, and the crew applied by the body. comply with the equivalent working time crew that of Spain, and will be conducted by the leadership of captain / fishing master on the basis of the special work of fishing. The parties make a rule for the consent of the OTC band for the duration of the contract and the ship owner and the Agency jointly and strictly educate crews in this unfavorable accident the parties will not be caused, and Indonesian crew should not be treated differently crew SPAIN on the work and life of the ship. The crew must do the necessary work for vessel safety danger or rescue of the crew in the ship at any time without additional compensation.

REMUNERATION OF ACCIDENTS In case the crew died in the sea during the navigation of the ship, or on the ground, his body will be ensured by the case known as the costume. In case the decision on attacking chronic diseases, illness and disease is not clear, it will be submitted to the ACT MARINE SPAIN. Even the crew is wounded disease, is missing and died during labor crew, the agency must ensure that the promised money from the insurance so that the crew can be adequately compensated in Indonesia. (After sending the Agency a shipowner in Jakarta) All costs and expenses incurred by the gross negligence or intent of the crew will be paid by the shipowner.

The owner will pay the accommodation and boarding as well as standard with the crew during the Spanish crew of employment, and favorite food and daily necessities will be purchased at own expense of the crew.

 In case the crew performs the behavior as shown in the following, the shipowner "can punish and dismiss him. However, the owner of the vessel must notify the Agency in writing compared captain / fishing master.
a) the person who has the disease exists since the arrest of the vessel forward.
b) the person is impossible to do on board the ship by the judgment on the captain because of theft, evil, violence, drinking, disorders and action vessel disorder.
c) the person is negligent in functions and serious misconduct.
d) who attempts to escape or disclosed up the ship at Foreign Port of Spain during the period of employment. Person who is not suited to the life of the vessel.
 e) A person who receives a guilty verdict in the foreign port.
 f) A person whose discharge Article tank or buying the item except for goods authorized person without permission of the captain / fishing master.
 g) Persons who leave the ship without permission of the captain / fishing master or not the ship until the time achieved by the captain h) A person acting conflicts of illegal workers.
 i) A person who is known to cause problems in the operation of the ship

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