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Colombia, Peru and Chile agree to strengthen fisheries monitoring

Juan Carlos Requejo, head of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries of Peru. (Photo: Produce)

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014, 02:20 (GMT + 9)
Peru, Colombia and Chile have agreed to strengthen their fishing supervision as part of a regional effort to combat illegal fishing and crimes affecting fisheries and aquaculture.
To this end, the three countries expect to perform regular meetings for socializing experiences and optimizing the tools and procedures.
The compromise reached was highlighted by the Deputy Minister of the Fisheries of Peru, Juan Carlos Requejo, at the international meeting ‘Fishing and aquaculture monitoring, control and surveillance experience assessment,’ recently held in Lima.
During the meeting, Requejo also stressed the importance of surveillance in the fisheries sector to ensure the sustainability of aquatic species.
In addition, the deputy minister revealed that during the event agreements and commitments were confirmed to promote and coordinate a regional network of agencies responsible for fisheries control with regular meetings.
Moreover, the possibility of working together in border areas was discussed.
The main objective of the meeting was to share good practice in monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing and aquaculture activities, which have been implemented, tested and documented properly and to identify opportunities for improvement that can be implemented and run in other environments.
Other issues discussed by the delegates from Chile, Colombia and Peru were the innovations and reforms in the use of fishing fleet surveillance technology; the techniques or technology adopted for monitoring the extracted resources and control methods of extracting fully exploited resources. They also analyzed the supervision of fisheries for direct human consumption (DHC) and aquaculture supervision.

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