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New horse mackerel plant adds value to the industry

On land horse mackerel processing will contribute to the creation of more jobs in the country. (Photo Credit: Juan Murias/Copyright: MOLAJAYA FISHINGWORK)

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Thursday, November 06, 2014, 01:00 (GMT + 9)
A cutting edge horse mackerel processing factory has just opened at Walvis Bay with the support from the government, adding value to the local economy.
The processing plant, which implied a NAD 160 million (USD 14.4 million) investment, is owned by Gendev Group Namibia shareholders, including Camoposatu Investment and Vernier Investment, New Era informed.
“This was a large investment in the expansion of our land-based freezing capacity of horse mackerel (which was always done at sea), as well as the landing of fresh horse mackerel for shore processing,” remarked Gendev chairman Paul Illonga at the opening ceremony.
Apart from adding value to the country’s resources, the factory with a freezing capacity of 300 tonnes per 24 hours, contributes to the creation of at least 700 jobs for Namibians in land base processing tasks.
Also present at the ceremony was the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernard Esau, who welcomed the venture pointing out that government will always support spending by companies on research and development as this ensures value-addition, import earning and employment, The Namibian reported.
"We want to see more value addition and job creations in the fishing industry. Horse mackerel is allocated the largest quota, yet the hake industry employs more people. We must maximise our resources and create 30,000 extra jobs, as the horse mackerel fishery has the capacity to do so," ensured the minister.
Esau also explained that when products are processed on land, more labour is needed, leading to job creation as compared to processing abroad or at sea whereby only a few people are required.
"This industry also plays a major role in contributing to national development, food security, sustainability development and the improvement of livelihoods, while it remains an important contributor toward the realisation of vision 2030. I am urging all fishing companies take Gendev as an example as they have proved that value addition to Namibian products, especially fish, can be achieved," stated Esau.

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