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IMARPE recommends not opening second anchovy season

Peruvian anchovy fleet. (Photo: Arsenio Capac)

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014, 00:10 (GMT + 9)
Institute del Mar de Peru (IMARPE) recommends not opening the second anchovy fishing season until the recovery of the fishery becomes evident and environmental conditions turn to normal.
The recommendation is part of the report of the institute after completion of Operation Eureka LXVII, in which the industrial fishing sector (industrial fleet of steel and industrial fleet of wood) participated.
This study has confirmed the major changes being presented by the marine environment due to the recurring impact of Kelvin waves.
The report submitted by IMARPE includes data on the fact that the habitat the anchovy is located in is quite limited both horizontally and vertically, and which shows a discontinuous distribution and a very low density in the northern region. Between San Juan and Punta Infiernillos the density was higher, but it is not comparable to that observed under normal conditions.
Similarly, it was observed that a large portion of the Northern-Central Anchovy Stock is comprised of juvenile specimens, most of which were born during the summer of 2014 and a small number of them was born during the recent winter reproductive process. The few adult specimens observed are spawning.
On the other hand, it was possible to identify a total of 28 different species from the anchovy, highlighting the presence of jellyfish, squid, munidavinciguerria; some coastal species such as silverside and butterfish; or trans-zonal and highly migratory species such as the horse mackerel, bonito and dolphinfish.
Scientists also stress the overlap in the distribution of species that are typical of cold and warm water as a result of the intrusion of ocean waters to the coastal area of the Peruvian sea.
IMARPE report concludes with the recommendation of "keeping the Northern-Central Anchovy Stock fishery closed until there is evidence of recovery and the environmental conditions have become normal while continuing with the monitoring of the anchovy and the ecosystem".

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